Month: January 2014

Why Posting Baby Pictures to Social Media is OK (To An Extent)

With the birth of my niece, Image

I am beginning to see the need to post to the world about a recent life changing event, even though I have not always been a big fan of it. For one, there are only a handful of people that can actually experience it at the hospital, so social media has begun to let your friends and extended family be at the hospital with you, even if it is through a phone or computer. But I would like to give some potential tips to the people that have kids/babies, and the people reading those posts, so everyone can co-exist in the social media world (by the way, in now way am I calling out anyone or I guess it would be called “sub-blogging”, anyone. I love all my friends with babies and families even if I don’t know you that well).

  • The “Overposting” – This is a major flaw in several people’s social media posting. Multiple pictures a day is a huge no no. I realize that you are super proud of your kids/grandkids (we all are proud that they have food on their face as well) but multiple a day can be a bit too much. The one a week, or one every other day telling people what y’all are up to is welcome, but just try and cut down the multiple a day.
  • The “My Baby is Beautiful”- Most new born babies are just not that cute. It is nothing against the parents, but that baby just came out of a womb that he/she had been growing in (the unreal-ness of that will be for another post) and I would never except anything to be beautiful coming out of that. One day your baby will be beautiful/handsome, but just hold on for a bit.
  • The “I Hate People That Post About Babies on Social Media”- We all have a few of those friends that are very open with their “hatred” towards people that post of their kids/engagements/marriages. Just take it down a bit. Whenever you have a kid, or your brother or sister have a kid, or whenever you find that special someone and want people to know about it, you will understand. Give the people a break that post about what is important in their life. If you don’t like it, then unfriend them (which I bet you won’t). 
  • The “I’m Never Having Kids” Comment- Just stop. Kids are the biggest miracle in life, and you are saying that you never want to have something in your life passed down to the next generation through blood? Just stop. 

This isn’t the say all end all, but I hope people reading this can understand both sides of the post, and have something to think about next to you see/post that baby picture on social media.




In The Beginning- What Is The Point Of Letting Loose?


Before I figured out what I wanted to put in this blog, I started to think of some of the things I didn’t want in it. I didn’t want this to be a place where I talk about my daily activities. Do people care how I felt about work today, or how much school/homework I have going on? No, people have enough of that in their own lives. I don’t want this to be a blog that shouts and screams at you to take my side (in fact I welcome the opposite). And most of all I don’t want this blog to be the same thing every post.

What I do want? I want this to be a place where I can “let loose” on topics that are happening in my life and the world today. Too many times (especially lately) I have seen things on the news, social media, movies and shows that have struck a nerve in me to get out and do more research on it. I won’t bore people with pointless stories such as this (however sad/funny in a way that it may be), but try and tackle the tougher topics such as this and this, and look at both sides to things.

I won’t tell you what side to take, because a lot of times I am just as in the middle as you are. I won’t tell you why you should vote Republican or Democrat ( do I really have to choose between this and this?) but try and give people the understanding of what every side is thinking. I really won’t tell you to do anything, but have more of an open mind when thinking about things.

I hope to have interviews, videos, guest writers, lists of things that may help from my experience, broad ranges of topics from global news, entertainment, business, movie reviews, sports, etc, and much more. I will try my best to integrate as much as I can making the reading and navigating as easy as possible and will be open to suggestions at all times. Did something recently happen in the news that everyone is talking about? Expect a post. Did something recently happen in the news that I have no clue about even when trying to research about it? Expect a guest blogger.

I will never claim to be a good writer, nor will I claim to be the master “critiquer” of things, or think that my way is the highway. This isn’t going to be perfect (the typos will tell), but if I can get people to let loose by reading this as much as I do writing it, then my goal would be accomplished.

So I hope everyone just sits back, relaxes, and enjoys the ride.