Top 10 Late Night Starring Jimmy Fallon Week 1 Moments


The opening week of Late Night Starring Jimmy Fallon was this week, and as many of you know he is one of my favorite people on the earth. From his days at SNL and then at Late Night behind Jay Leno, the day that he was announced to be his successor was a very happy day in my life. I remember watching his very first tonight show in 2009, and never thought he would take over the actual Tonight Show, but am extremely glad and happy for him that he did. The Roots are an absolutely perfect band for him, and his show wouldn’t be the same without them. They are key in all of his musical bits, and add a critical part in his show. If the first week is this good, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next 10-20 years.

If you missed any episodes this week, here are my top 10 moments/bits that took place.

10. The Opening Monologue – It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include this. For those that don’t know Jimmy or have never watched him before might have thought this was cheesy and fake, but those that have watched him over the years know that it came straight from the heart.

9. Michelle Obama Interview РProbably the best interview of the week. Jimmy is hilarious with her, and Michelle plays along great. You can tell she is having so much fun and everything is genuine and not fake. And no matter how many people hate her husband, it is extremely hard to hate her.

8. U2 Performances – The first night was a bit of a controversy guest wise, but U2 proved that they were still relevant, with some awesome performances. The first, on top of the rock, was a perfect venue and setting (has it ever been done before?) which proved to be awesome. And there acoustic performance on the spot during their interview was unbelievable and gives a little proof of how good they sound live. I’ll go to a U2 concert.

7. Harry Styles Interview – For those of you that don’t know Jimmy and Kristen’s late night relationship, just watch this. In a hilarious bit that almost seems completely improvised, they are dynamic together, and it makes me miss them on SNL.

6. $100 Bet – This is great just from all the celebrities that came out. The “To my buddy that said I would never be the host of the Tonight Show, and you know who you are, you owe me $100” line started it off, and the cameos are quite impressive and fun to watch.

5. Ragtime Gals – Ah, the Ragtime Gals. I love them and every time they come out. From when they performed “Sexy Back” and when they performed “It Wasn’t Me” they are always great, and extremely impressive the way they sing.

4. #Hashtag – The Justin Timberlake Hashtag bit started this one, and it is a great bit that I hope continues, this time with Jonah Hill. It even has a second cameo from Quest Love at the end that makes the whole bit worth it.

3. Ew! – The top 3 can be in any order really. The best part of this is how Will Ferrell completely plays it up with Jimmy, how Michelle Obama gets into it, and the step dad, Gary, is absolutely hilarious.

2. Brian Williams Raps – This is not only hilarious, but extremely impressive. In an interview with Jimmy, he says honestly that an editor from the Tonight Show just sits and watches Brian Williams to see clips for him to edit. One of my favorite bits of the week, and can’t wait to see more. If you missed the first time they did this, watch Brian perform “Straight Outta Compton” here.

1. The History of Rap 5 – Hard to beat this. Not sure how they have the breath to keep it up the whole time. What is almost even more impressive, is that the Roots are playing the whole entire time, switching from song to song. Absolutely unreal talent. If you want to watch the first 4, you can go here and watch them all in one video.

I hope this gives you something to look forward to, and if you missed any this week gives you something to look back on. Have any more favorite moments that I missed? Let me know.



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