If Game of Thrones and Mad Men Characters Switched Places







Well if you know me, you know two of my favorite TV Shows right now are Mad Men and Game of Thrones. With Mad Men coming to an end *goes into depression* and Game of Thrones peaking at the right time, I was wondering if the characters of Mad Men and the characters of Game of Thrones switched places, which characters they would play. What makes both of these shows great are the vast amount of characters that are so different from each other, yet each show’s characters remind me a lot about each other. Yes I understand that some be be a bit of a stretch, but if you are as much of a fan of both of these shows as I am, hopefully you enjoy this as much as I did.

*Spoiler Warning*

I am going to try and keep the spoilers to an absolute minimum, I hate them as much as you do. There are a few instances where some of the characters are similar based on how, well, they ended up. So if you aren’t caught up (these two shows are a must to stay caught up on), read carefully, but again, I will try and keep them to a minimum.

Hope you all enjoy, and if you have any better suggestions let me know!


roger sterling

Roger Sterling


Jaime Lannister

Two of my favorite characters on both Mad Men and Game of Thrones, and really remind me a lot of each other. Roger has had his struggles, but still remains one of the top dogs at SC&P, and Jaime, especially recently, has become a crucial role in Kings Landing. I hate that I have started to feel bad for Jaime considering how much of a typical “northerner” he is, but I am sure he will get on my bad side very soon (his recent interaction with Cersie was interesting to say the least). I am always interested in what is happening with Jaime, as well as Roger, so I think they would be a perfect fit.


Ted Chaough

Tyrionn Lannister

Tyrionn Lannister

Speaking of favorite characters, Tyrionn has obviously taken that award with his recent actions. I really really really hope Game of Thrones doesn’t start taking away his air time with the recent events that have taken place, because he is a thrill to watch and a superb actor. He was hard to pair someone up to, but I had to go with Ted. They are both stuck in the middle of two different “families” and are somewhat outcasts in each. Ted will never truly be accepted by Don, Roger, Bert, and the rest of the original agency, and Tyrionn will always be the Lannister outcast. Ted has brought a good dynamic to SC&P, but interested to see what Mad Men does with him.

peggy mad men

Peggy Olson


Daenerys Targaryen

Both of these girls provide a huge dynamic to both Mad Men and Game of Thrones, but yet both are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Peggy is stuck in a male dominated business and is always looking to have the best idea and to move up, yet Daenerys has her eyes set to be the Queen, with the little help of 3 dragon friends. I love Daenerys’ character, and have a weird feeling she is going to be a major player in episodes/seasons to come in Game of Thrones. I am not sure what Mad Men will do with Peggy. We all know she deserves to be in the upper ranks of the industry, but will she ever get her chance?

Sally- draper

Sally Draper

Arya Stark

Can any show top either of these young girl actresses? Both are easily some of my favorite characters on the show. Sally is a girl who has everything, yet the one thing that she cares about, her family, is falling apart. No matter how hard Don ( before you say, “Wait, did he forget Don in his comparisons?”…no, but there is a good reason. How can I forget Don?) tries to push her away with the things he does, Sally truly wants him to be the best father he can be, and her last line to him in the last episode portrays that. Arya is not only a powerful actress, but completely opposite of her older sister (which I love, but we’ll get to that later). Arya is strong, fierce, understands what has to be done, yet still has a heart about it. My heart breaks for her every time she gets close to where she wants to be, and really hope she can make a life for herself (with what is left).

pete mad men

Pete Campbell


Joffrey “Lannister” Baratheon

So much to say about both of these characters, but so little text space. Pete Campbell is the guy you work with that you want to punch every time he comes into a meeting. He is the guy with the a top business school degree, was top in his class, and lets everyone know it. Joffrey is the exact same, except he didn’t have to earn anything. No spoilers here, but both have been, how can I say it, “re-located” and both shows are dealing with the after effects. Joffrey is the worst of the worst (his mother is a close 2nd) and though Pete can be like-able at times, most of the times you just shake your head at him and what he’s done to throw his life down the drain.


Betty Draper Francis

Cersei Lannister

Where do I even begin with these two. These two were a perfect fit for each other when I was thinking about doing this. Cersei is two steps above the devil, with her son being right below her. She literally has no soul. I wouldn’t say Betty is the devil, especially what Don put her through in her marriage, but she did become one of the most liked characters in the show to one of the most dis-liked. “Fat Betty” was a hilarious turn for her, but now she is back to her original Betty status, while Cersei is constantly putting allegations on people and asking for their heads, while trying to keep King’s Landing hers. I wouldn’t mind seeing Cersei’s head on a spike (yea I said it).

ken cosgrove mad men

Ken Cosgrove

Robb Stark

This is where it began getting tough on comparing characters. Game of Thrones does an excellent job at spreading out air time with each character, but Mad Men is clear that it focuses on several main characters, while trying to give other characters as much screen time as possible. Ken Consgrove is one of those characters. Some may say that Robb Stark is a much bigger character then him, which I agree, but you have to think about what Mad Men characters are left. Robb is the leader of the North, and is looked up and respected in Winterfell, and I think Ken is well respected at SC&P. Though I am not sure of Ken’s future with SC&P (or how much more he can stand) he has a great role, and doesn’t annoy the bosses or clients like Pete does.


Megan Draper


Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark has actually become one of my least favorite characters in Game of Thrones. Not really for anything that she has done (or hasn’t done), but she has started to annoy me a little bit. I actually like Megan on Mad Men, but not sure what the writers have planned for her after the recent developments in the show. I like that she stands up to Don when he starts to go downhill, but still feel sorry for her. Sansa and Megan are both somewhat “trapped” (Sansa more than others) in their certain situations, but I feel like Megan is making the most of it while Sansa is just letting it happen.

joan harris mad men

Joan Harris


Jon Snow

Other than the obvious, I think Joan and Jon have a lot of similarities, and handle it with unbelievable pride that I think is awesome. Joan is a woman partner, who got to be a partner by, well, doing womanly things with a client, and Jonn is the bastard of a Stark clan who rules the North. Both are outsiders who have found their way inside a powerful “family”. Do they pout and do nothing about it? No, they actually work harder because they know they have to. Jon Snow is a great character, as is Jane, and they kind of make Mad Men and Game of Thrones what they are.


Michael Ginsberg


Bran Stark

This one is tough. Obviously Bran is a bigger character than Ginsberg and I think Bran will start to have a bigger role in Game of Thrones in new episodes/seasons, but maybe it is just wishful thinking that I want Ginsberg to have that same role as well? Mad Men doesn’t give Ginsberg a lot of air time (understandably so because their focus is on the partners and Peggy, not a new creative worker) but I really enjoyed when they went into Ginsberg’s life as he was introduced to the show. His role in the show I am guessing relies on what happens to Peggy in the final season, but I have enjoyed him being on. Bran is interesting with the things he can do, and the “powers” that he has. He is often the forgotten about Stark just because he can’t walk, but he has been through the same things Arya and Sansa have, and like Arya, is trying to fix things to make it better. As Bran’s role increases in the Game of Thrones hopefully Hordor will still be able to protect him.

trudy campbell

Trudy Campbell


Catelyn Stark

These two were actually close to not making the list (just because it was hard to find someone to compare Catelyn Stark to). Catelyn has been an integral part in the North taking on the South, and Trudy was a big part in Pete’s life which in turn affected SC&P as a whole, but the recent developments in both shows (no spoilers) made me think of them alike. Trudy really was the only shining light in Pete’s life when things were going south, and Catelyn was the Starks rock as Ned went to King’s Landing. There isn’t really another female lead other than Peggy, Betty, and Megan in Mad Men, while there are more in Game of Thrones, so it starts to get a bit tough after the top 3.

bert cooper

Bert Cooper


Tywin Lannister

The two old men of the group. Bert is basically the grandfather of SC&P, and generally gets his say in important matters. Tywin gets his say in most matters, even though he isn’t even the King. Tywin is extremely influential because of his past war experience, and even comes to the safety of King’s Landing on an occasion or two. Bert says his peace, and gets on with it in SC&P (and also has a weird fascination with people wearing only socks in his office). Both are integral characters in their perspective shows, and though Bert isn’t one of the most popular characters, he does add a sense of calmness to Mad Men. Tywin adds brutal honesty, and could see his role increasing in the next couple of seasons.


Duck Phillips

theon greyjoy

Theon Greyjoy

Duck and Theon, what a combo. Duck is basically black-balled from SC&P, while, well, tough to mention Theon without a spoiler alert, so stop reading now if you aren’t caught up, but Theon’s betrayal of Winterfell has black-balled him from ever stepping foot in Winterfell again. His fake act of killing the two farmer boys just for the act of killing Bron and his brother was downright evil, yet why am I feeling bad for him being tortured (maybe because of the things that they have cut off…..). Duck has always seemed like a sleazeball to me, so I thought him and Theon work well together. Duck was constantly looking to advance at SC&P while screwing over anyone in the process, but once you mess with Don and Roger, see ya.

*Spoiler* *Really don’t read this one if you aren’t caught up* *Spoiler*


Lane Pryce

Ned Stark

Ned Stark

For those of us that are caught up, this one is pretty self explanatory. Ned Stark was the leader of the North, and provided a figure that everyone could look up to. He was the leader that they needed, until being shipped over to King’s Landing which unfortunately was the cause of his doom. Lane Pryce was actually the same way for SC&P (even enough for them to keep his initial after his death). Lane saved the company by coming in and handling the finances on a much more practical and real level. He was not afraid to say no to client, and pressured the other partner’s to use their skills to get more clients. Lane was an extremely like-able guy, the same with Ned. Both are long lasting figures in the show, even with their eventual departure.

bob benson mad men

Bob Benson

petyr little finger

Petyr “Little Finger” Baelish

This one was tough, as I think Petyr is a much bigger character than Bob Benson, but I think both have some similarities. Bob Benson is a very weird guy who a lot of people can’t trust (especially Pete). I am not sure if it’s because he is new, or he is way too nice, but clients like him so they keep him around. Petyr on the other hand, absolutely no one trusts, even his employers. He is said to be one of the most dangerous people in King’s Landing (even more than the Lannisters) and proved just that on the most recent episode. Petyr will be around for a while, and am interested to see how more annoying he can get (though in a somewhat good way, because I think he is actually a really good character). Bob Benson will get his chances to shine on the last season of Mad Men, but his role will not be near as big as they begin to wrap things up and focus on the partners.

Harry Crane

Harry Crane

Stannis Baratheon

Stannis Baratheon

These two are interesting figures in the show. Both want to be somewhere that they think they deserve to be. Harry (in charge of television at SC&P) wants not only to be a more important figure in the company, but wants his television part of the company to be bigger than it already is. Stannis on the other hand, thinks he should be King (which, well, I guess he should be). At first I liked Stannis, but I have grown to dis-like him over the recent season. He has his faith trusted in Milisandre, or the Lord of Light (who I can’t stand). I will be interested to see what happens to him in Game of Thrones, because as his army gets stronger, and the “Lord of Light” magic gets stronger, he could be a dark horse to take over the throne (unless three dragons have something to say about it).

bobby draper 1

Bobby Draper 1

Daario 1.0

Daario Naharis 1

bobby draper 2

Bobby Draper 2


Daario Naharis 2


Pretty self explanatory………..


Stan Rizzo


Sam Tarly

Now this one is mainly just on like-ability. I have never heard one person say anything bad about Stan (maybe besides Peggy, but they actually really like each other) and even Don likes to give Stan a hard time sometimes. Sam is pretty impossible not to like, especially from an audience perspective. A guy that is overweight, has a huge heart, and all he wants to do is help people that are weak or are in trouble? Sam probably has one of the biggest hearts on Game of Thrones. I am not sure what role Stan will play in the last season of Mad Men, but I hope it is a bigger one than he has been playing (but I won’t get my hopes up).

So if you’ve made it this far, you’ve realized that I am actually missing the  biggest not only actor in both of these series’, but biggest character as well. None other than…..Mr. Draper himself.


Don Draper

Now, I was thinking about pairing him up with Jamie, Robb, Jon, or even Tyrionn, but I just felt that wasn’t right. The main premise of Mad Men is about Don and his life and the things that he does. Game of Thrones is focused on so many people that it doesn’t give one person that much more air time then the others. That is why I felt like I can’t compare him to anyone. I would love to hear anyone’s case if they could actually compare him to someone right now in the series. Maybe later on Bron or Daenarys play a huge role in Game of Thrones, but as of now it is spread pretty evenly between the kingdoms episode to episode. This has nothing to do with my love for Don (the character Don, but John Hamm isn’t that bad himself) or my own bias of thinking Don is great. I really truly think that it would be impossible to compare him to someone, so that is why I didn’t. I’m going to miss Don in a year, so my crying stage has yet to begin.


If you are still reading, I greatly appreciate it! If you have any comments go ahead and post them below or let me know, I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and what characters they could see other characters playing. This was really fun to write, so I hope to do more things like this in the future.